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Lake Matheson Nature Tour

Nestled amidst the majestic Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island lies a hidden gem known as Lake Matheson. Revered for its tranquil waters, picturesque reflections, and enchanting surroundings, Lake Matheson offers visitors an unparalleled experience of natural beauty. Recently, our team had the privilege of embarking on an unforgettable video shoot with none other than Kyle Mulinder, better known as Bare Kiwi, an avid adventurer and renowned content creator. Together, we set out to capture the essence of this stunning location and bring its splendor to life on screen.

We ventured along the well-maintained walking trails that hugged the perimeter of the lake. The path meandered through lush native rainforest, where we marveled at the towering Kahikatea, Rimu, and Totara trees. Their verdant foliage formed a natural canopy, shielding us from the midday sun and adding an ethereal touch to the journey.

Throughout our time at Lake Matheson, we were reminded of the importance of conservation and responsible tourism. The lake's fragile ecosystem and its reflection phenomenon are incredibly delicate and require ongoing preservation efforts. We were inspired by Kyle's dedication to raising awareness about environmental issues, and together, we hope to encourage others to appreciate and protect the natural wonders around us.

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