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Glacier Valley Eco Tours is a proudly New Zealand-owned family venture, nestled in the heart of Franz Josef Glacier. At the helm are Cliff and Tash, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo who have called this majestic landscape home for 17 years, alongside their two children. They're not just a family; they're a team where Cliff, with over 20 years of guiding experience in New Zealand's national parks, leads our adventures. Tash, on the other hand, is the administrative and marketing powerhouse, ensuring everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.


Since settling in Glacier Country in 2003, our lives have been intertwined with the natural beauty of our surroundings. Our home in Okarito isn't just a place; it's a living, breathing ecosystem where chickens, dogs, frogs, and goats share our space amidst the backdrop of the beach and the bush. Join us at Glacier Valley Eco Tours for an experience woven through with the warmth of a family that loves and lives the essence of New Zealand's wilderness.



Born amidst the natural playground of Taranaki, New Zealand, Cliff's early years were shaped by the untamed beauty of rivers, lakes and the ocean. His first job in a timber mill workshop, however, felt confining, sparking a thirst for adventure that led him to the South Island—a place he'd never been. This spontaneous decision marked the beginning of seven years filled with busking, hitchhiking and WOOFING a period of discovery and connection with the land. Cliff's wanderlust eventually steered him towards becoming a kayak guide in Milford Sound, but it was in Franz Josef Glacier where he truly found his calling as a Glacier Guide. It was also during an Outdoor Recreation course in Motueka that he met his future wife, Tash, setting the stage for their life together. Their shared love for adventure inspired them to settle in the coastal bushland of Ōkārito, where Cliff continued to guide on Franz Josef Glacier.

When walking access to the glacier ceased in 2013, Cliff sought a new path that didn't involve daily helicopter rides. His passion for the great outdoors and a shared vision led him to acquire Glacier Valley Eco Tours from his friend Mike in 2016, turning a new leaf in his adventurous life.

A true Coaster, Cliff embodies resilience, humour and an innate ability to tell captivating stories. His deep affection for the West Coast's rugged landscape, history and community shines through his work with Glacier Valley Eco Tours. Off-duty, Cliff enjoys white baiting, wood carving, kayaking, and contributing to local conservation efforts. An accomplished Maori wood carver, his creations adorn our Tui Gallery. Cliff's companionship with his pet goat Nicole and his dogs on beach walks encapsulates his unique spirit. A day spent with Cliff is not just a tour; it's an unforgettable encounter with nature and storytelling. 



Tash, hailing from Timaru, grew up immersed in music, sports and creativity. After high school, she pursued her passion for the arts at NMIT in Nelson, specializing in Textiles Mixed Media. Her life took an adventurous turn after meeting Cliff during a course in Motueka, leading to a life enriched with diverse experiences from nannying to art therapy. Their marriage in 2010 on the serene Okarito beach was a celebration of love and community, embodying the essence of their shared values. Before stepping into the world of Glacier Valley Eco Tours, Tash's eclectic career spanned 28 jobs, including kayak guiding and administrative roles, all while nurturing their children, Rowi & Zalas.

Tash's vibrant spirit is evident in her commitment to the Okarito community and her hobbies, which include kayaking on the lagoon, beach walks with their dogs, playing music, and creating art. Her passion for the West Coast's beauty and her creative soul make her an integral part of the Glacier Valley Eco Tours family, enriching the experiences of those they welcome.

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